As an energy efficiency company, GTL provides energy efficiency training in lighting, heating and HVAC systems.  Training provides individuals with a better understanding of how each system in a building works and how each system affects each other.  GTL provide training for Individuals looking to further their education in the energy efficiency field. Currently we provide certification training for GPRO (Green Professionals) O&M (Operations and Maintenance) and Building Fundamentals as well as training prep for BPI-BA (Building Performance Institute – Building Analyst) and BPI-MFBA (Building Performance Institute – Multi-Family Building Analyst) Certifications. 

Recently there has been a growing demand for energy auditors due to LL84 and LL87 being passed requiring building over a certain size to conduct an EER by a licensed professional. GTL looks to train the next generation of energy auditor to meet this demand by providing energy auditing services as well as training individuals to become energy auditors.



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Having an energy efficient building is becoming more and more vital as energy emerges as a critical economic issue due to high demand for energy and unsustainable supplies of energy. This means that even households must evaluate how well energy is being used to heat and light a home. Energy efficient buildings offer opportunities to save money as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As well, the reliance on non-renewable fuels is not sustainable, and it involves using more and more destructive processing means to obtain these fuels. Homes and other buildings account for nearly 40% of total US energy use and thus increasing their efficiency will improve the reliance on non-renewable fuels for the future. This environmental benefit of reducing the number of greenhouse gases is both local and global. There are local benefits due to the fact that a buildings energy demand requires a local supply of energy, which causes local pollution and negative health side-effects. This allows communities to focus on investing funds in other places instead of in building power plants.

In addition to overall environmental benefits that arise from a more energy efficient building, there are also personal benefits. Reduced heating and electrical bills are one major benefit to upgrading a home or building a more energy efficient home. As well, installing these energy-efficient technologies effectively works to “future-proof” the building by making investments that will be selling points well into the future. Overall, even though there is an initial amount of money that must be put in to improve energy efficiency, homeowners will often recover these costs in a short period of time due to the reduced energy expenses. This payback time can be short, taking only a few years. Funds are now being allocated to programs geared toward assisting building owners by reduce energy usage. For example,

‘Con Ed currently has a Multi-Family program that covers buildings, 5 units or more, lighting upgrades cost 50%-70%. In certain high usage areas Con Ed will cover 100% of all lighting upgrade cost.’

New York’s Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Green New Deal is a nation-leading clean energy and job agenda codified under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, puts NY on a path to carbon neutrality and includes the most aggressive clean energy targets in the nation. 

I’m Clayton Gregory,
your experienced energy efficiency trainer, auditor and analyst.

About Clayton Gregory?

Moving back to New York it was a little difficult to find a good paying job.  I ended up becoming a security guard and worked for 3 different security firms, I hated it.  At this time, I had two kids and needed a good paying job so that I could properly provide for my family.  I ended up joining a program called STRIVE where they offered construction training and job assistant placement.  During training one of the instructor saw something in me, out of 45 participants that joined the program I was the top graduate.  With that the instructor offered me a job to work for his company, Envirolutions. During my time with Envirolutions I started out as a program manager managing lighting install jobs.  I traveled to Atlanta for a Macy’s project that the company had acquired and was responsible for organizing my team of 5 to do lighting upgrades for 10 Macy’s in the Atlanta and surrounding area.  I eventually became a training manager after making the transition into the classroom as an instructor. I never expected to be an instructor but it seemed that I was pretty good at it. I always got positive feedback and was told that my ability to communicated with people from Yale to Jail was one of my greatest assets.  I was encouraged to start my own business, so I did and partnered up with Envirolutions as business partners.
So, I started my own company, Green Tech LEADers (Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Developers), which brings over 5 years of experience in energy efficiency training, auditing, analysis, as well as lighting installation.  I have played a significant role in ASHRAE Level I & II energy audits, retro-commissioning, and benchmarking project in accordance with NY Local Laws 84 and 87 for commercial properties including Macy’s, The VA Hospital, Facilities for the ADNY (Archdiocese of New York) and The Ananda Ashram.  I currently work for Willdan Energy Services who are Hands-on in working with utility/state programs including NYSERDA and NYCHA. I received a few certifications in order to validate my credentials.  I’m currently certified as a G-Pro Instructor teaching Building Fundamentals and Building Operation and Maintenance.  I also receive my Certification from the Building Performance Institute as a Multi-Family Building Anaylist.


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“As a two tour Veteran coming home from the United States Air Force, looking for a career was challenging. I worked various jobs as a cable technician, security officer and even a DJ, but I felt that I was meant to do more with my life. I began researching careers in green technology, learned about a program through NYSERDA that offers renewable energy training specifically for veterans and I knew that this is what I was meant to do. I received career training and hands on skills in the green sector, and now work as a trainer for others. I’m so grateful for the opportunity, and am confident that this is just the beginning” — Clayton Gregory, Brooklyn native and US Air Force Veteran

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Instructor shown is Willdan’s Clayton Gregory.

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Instructor shown is Willdan’s Clayton Gregory.